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Welcome to Catfishing Adventures. The professional guiding service for Carp and Catfishing in the Ebro river, Spain, for the Thinking Angler. Contact us to book our services!

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Special Offer: New epic hardcore 5 day fishing´s holiday

Starting this Spring we are offering a 5 day fishing holiday with the option of fishing 24 hours per day. We have traveled the full length of this section of river and have found some real hotspots, with reed lined bays, slow moving water behind islands, deep holes and slow drop offs into deep water.

It starts with pick up from the airport, we will then take you to your accommodation to have a meal and get a good nights sleep, before we take you to the waiting boats 50 kilometres up river the next morning, where we will start catfishing working our way slowly downstream. Lunch will be provided each day along with plenty of drinks throughout the day. On arrival each evening at the fully self-sufficient base camp which moves each day, your sleeping accommodation will be set up along with carp/catfishing equipment so you can fish pre-baited swims if desired, so you can fish through the night. Your hot evening meals which are prepared by your chef, will also be ready for you each evening, along with beers and wine. Each morning he prepare a full English breakfast for you so will be ready to fight those big moggies.

You will not have to do anything regarding the setting up taking down of the base camp. After the 4 nights camping and 5 days fishing when we are back at our base camp, we will take you back to your accommodation and then out for a meal. The next morning we will take you to the airport.

Please contact us for dates that are still available and further information, the holidays run between the months of June-September, maximum size of party is 6.
All equipment is provided for both the carp and catfishing all food and drinks and licenses are provided so you will not need to buy anything during this holiday. This holiday is an addition to our normal holidays that we are continuing to run from our base in Bitem.

About Catfishing Adventures, Spain

We have over 50 years fishing experience in England, France, Australia and Spain, we are a family run business and can offer you the best chance of catfishing at Ebro river, realizing your dreams of catching a 100lb plus catfish. We have wealth of local knowledge in catfishing Ebro river, Spain to draw from, there is no 9-5 fishing here. We fish when the catfish are feeding and not make the fishing fit in with our lifestyle. If you want to split the fishing 4 hours early morning and 4 hours late evening that’s fine with us. You will also have free use of our carp gear to fish with during the hours not booked for catfishing.

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What you get:

What you get with when catfishing in Ebro River, Spain with us.
  • The best most consistent company specialized in catfishing on the Ebro river, Spain.
  • Flexible catfishing times to suit you not us.
  • Start your catfishing Ebro holidays on any day of the week.
  • Licences obtained in advance of your Ebro catfishing holidays.
  • Packed lunches by arrangement.
  • With our fishing equipment, you have the choice of Shimano 6500 Baitrunners, or Shimano Tyrnos multiplier reels. You also have the choice of Abu Suveran uptide rods, Shimano Beastmaster or Fox Silurex Boat rods.

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Catfishing in the Ebro river, Spain

The Ebro River in Spain, is an unspoiled river which nature has shaped, not man. Catfishing in the river Ebro, Spain is nothing like you might have seen on television, no banks lined with fishermen all trying to catch the same fish, no rowing your baits out every time you re-bait, you will probably not see another angler all day on the Spanish Ebro river. The majority of the banks here are lined with trees and thick undergrowth making them inaccessible from the banks. This is why catfishing from a boat is the only way to access the catfish holding areas on the Ebro.

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The perfect location for catfishing: Ebro River, Spain

We are in the village of Bitem just off the T310 road next to the river. Bitem is a small village of around 3000 inhabitants, and approx 5 kilometers from the historic city of Tortosa, which was the scene of a major battle during the Spanish Civil War, there is a monument in the river Ebro commemorating all those who died during this conflict. You can see lots of species of fish from the roadside right by the monument.

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Our customers catfishing at Ebro river