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Natalie, Debbie, Paul, Simon, Chloe and Shannon

Hi Nat, I just want to say a massive thank you to you for a fantastic
week of fishing and making us all so welcome. We are now looking at
dates to come back as the girls haven’t stopped talking about it.
Thanks again for having us. Hope to see you again very soon xxxxx

Rob Clavie

Thank you Nat, for an absolutely lovely experience on the Ebro River. Your company and conversation made the day fly by too quickly! I will return, hopefully with family and friends to share another amazing fishing adventure. Please feel free to give my name and contact information to potential clients as a reference, for as you know I’m a hunting guide myself and I recognize a professional and quality experience when I see one. Thanks again!

fishing holidays europe Rob Clavie's testimonials

John & Elliot

I would like to thank you both again for a wonderful fishing experience. We could not have chosen better company and it was an epic first visit to the Ebro with you both displaying your skill and knowledge of the river to select swims that produced outstanding results.
Kind Regards,

fishing holidays europe John and Elliots testimonials
fishing holidays europe John and Elliots testimonials

Wayne & Maria

After fishing the River Ebro for the past 15 years in several locations
and noting that in the past few years catches had not been that good,
Maria and I decided to use a guide and learn something about fishing
for the bigger Wells Catfish. Maria and I live on the Costa Blanca and
it was only a 3 hour drive from home. Maria contacted Natalie and
Graham and arrangements were made for us to stay at the Studio flat
only yards from the river. They were busy on the Friday and Saturday
so we opted for the full day Sunday and half day Monday guided
fishing trips as we had to get home Monday night. We spent a couple
of days fishing for carp and in the hope of catching a Catfish, I had a
couple of lines out. I caught nothing, nor did Maria. Onto the boats
provided by Catfish Adventures and accompanied by Graham we had
an insight into how the Professionals do it. Natalie and Graham know
this area well and they know their swims and it makes all the difference.
We had numerous lifts and a couple of takes and then Maria landed a
fabulous 136 lb cat. That meant Maria had a bigger fish than me !!.
Within an hour or so I had hooked another one and at 134lbs it felt
like 200 ! Graham and Natalie are great guides, letting You do the
fishing, as often guides like to take over. I learnt a tremendous
amount too, and they are great company, lovely people and more
importantly know how to catch Catfish. We are going up again next
month and I am very happy in the knowledge that if we are going to
catch, we will with Natalie and Graham. Thanks guys, we had a very
rewarding session. see you soon xx

fishing holidays europe testimonials
fishing holidays europe testimonials

Greg, Charlie and Paul

We had arrived in Tortosa for a weeks fishing from the banks of the River Ebro not realising that 99% are inaccessible, we did our best and was successful in catching the odd fish. We had contacted Natalie prior to our visit and found her very helpful in the advice
offered, to make what was a great week really memorable we decided to book a nights fishing with Catfishing Adventures. We arrived on the night feeling hopeful, our guide (Natalie) was ready for us and we were soon gliding over the river to our first location. We had only been there 10 minutes when a big cat surfaced in the middle of the river, we were now on edge, a run happened shortly after, we missed it but soon after that we hooked into a 45lb catfish which buried itself into the weed and tried to stay there. It took several anxious minutes before it was landed. We moved swims and again into another Catfish this one 52lbs. What had been a great week was now transformed into an unforgettable one. Thanks for
the experience from Greg, Charlie and Paul
(The Yorkshire Boys

fishing holidays europe testimonials
fishing holidays europe testimonials

Lucy & Stephen

We had an absolutely fantastic few days thank you both so
much for making it such a completely resounding success!
I know that Stephen really enjoyed it and I am even more
hooked on fishing now! We will be back to
see you! .We had some friends round last night and
showed them the photos they could not believe it!

fishing holidays europe testimonials
fishing holidays europe testimonials

I have recently been on a fishing trip on the Ebro, with Natalie Hull of Catfishing Adventures. I am now the record holder for the customer with the largest catch of the season to date. My record weighed in at 146lbs and took 45 minutes to haul in…not bad for a 69 year old, Natalie was a most excellent fishing guide, knowing the Ebro inside and out, and I would thoroughly recommend her to my other fishing mates, I am aiming to beat my own record next year. The Ebro was a fantastic river to fish, even when 3 metres above normal level, the week prior to my trip it was over 6 metres. Here is a photo of my infamous catch, the fabulous Natalie and little old me.

fishing holidays europe testimonials

Andy, John, Oz and Damian

We have made four visits to the River Ebro in the last thee years
all with Natalie as our guide. We were complete novices to cat
fishing on the first visit but still caught plenty of fish with one
over 100lbs. Over the years Nat has looked after us and taught
us to become better anglers, shown us how to glove in and
return our own fish, culminating this year with a total catch of
over 1100lbs of fish 6 of which were over a 100 lbs and three of
us beating our personal bests. Fishing from a boat on the
Lower Ebro is the most excellent fishing we have ever had.
The fish are in superb condition and fight incredibly hard in
the fast flow of the river. This part of the world has a special
place in our hearts, the scenery is fantastic, the Finca Margarita
is wonderful and Nat is brilliant, we will definitely be returning again next year !

fishing holidays europe testimonials
fishing holidays europe testimonials

Ian Meacham

Another big thank you to Natalie. The Ebro is probably the most alive river
I have ever had the privilege to see. Shoals of mullet some huge, Sea Bass
abound and crash all around you Carp that defy for me all rational
description other than I have never seen any so large prior to my visit to the
Ebro. All this without a mention yet of the catfish the wild creatures around
me and the great service and fun you provided for all on our 2 day trip to
Bitem. The lasses who did not fish really enjoyed the guided tour of the
mountainous areas around you especially the Miravet car ferry. I would
recommend you to anyone who enjoys the sport of angling without hesitation.all the Best Ian and Heather

Keith, Del and Simon

I had the best fishing experience ever. Your hospitality was second to none and your knowledge of the river amazing. Sorry for being amateurs when it comes to striking but we had the best time ever. See you soon guys. love Simon

fishing holidays europe testimonials