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We have been guiding on the Ebro river for 13 years now, and while we specialize on catfish, we have the expertise to help you catch any species in the River Ebro. During this period we’ve been working here, we have witnessed plenty of changes so here’s a report of how the Ebro River fishing is currently going and what fish are abundant in 2016.

Ive caught this huge carp fish weighing 27lbs

Catfish are getting bigger

On a good note we have a marked increase in the number of larger catfish being caught in the Ebro river, the ratio back in 2003/4 was approx 1 catfish out of 4 caught were over 100lbs in weight, now it averages 1 out of every 2 caught. The weight gains on fish that we recognise is around 15lbs per year a good figure which shows the river is in good condition.

Carp are plentiful in the river Ebro

The carp are are also piling on the pounds, it is not uncommon to see Common Carp swimming past the boat weighing between 30 and 50lbs, we are attracting more and more clients targeting these fish as well as the Wels Catfish.

River Ebro Chub explosion

Another species that is exploding on the River Ebro is the Chub, one of our favourite fish. We are now catching them regularly over 3lbs in weight, and these are definitely on the Wels catfish’s menu.

Mullet are disappearing

During the early years Mullet were abundant in the River Ebro, in fact when we brought our horses over from the UK they were mesmerized by the constant leaping of mullet all over the river, their heads going nineteen to the dozen up and down.. Unfortunately we’ve noticed a noticeable decline on the quantities of mullet in the Ebro river. The decline in the number of this species is one of the main changes that have taken place on the River Ebro in the last eight years, due mainly to the cleaning up of the river by the closing of the sewerage outlets. The Mullet are still present but in far fewer numbers.

How the reduction of mullet has changed catfishing in the Ebro river

The reduction of mullet has a direct influence on the catfish population as they were the main food source of the Wels Catfish, one thing we notice while catfishing in the river Ebro is that where the Mullet go the Wels Catfish will follow.

Increase of weed and its effect on other fish

We have also noticed that due to global warming there has been a big increase in the amount of weed growth within the River Ebro, this at times makes locating and fishing for them very difficult, as it spreads the fish over a wider area.  It has long been thought that the overuse of halibut pellets further up north is helping to promote weed growth as they rot on the river bed, but this cannot be confirmed. We have also noticed the disappearance of Mussel beds within the Ebro river and also far less Signal Crayfish both of which are favourite prey for Wels Catfish.

We still have a few weeks available in May, June and September for catfishing on the Ebro, and also some available weeks in our accommodations please telephone 0034 663577731 to check availability, e-mail us or contact us. We are experts in catfishing on the river Ebro.

Graham Hull

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