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Prices and packages 2015

Catfishing Prices

Our 2015 catfishing price remains the same price as 2014

Catfishing price for guided boat fishing

8 hours fishing price is £160 (1-3 clients)

4 hours fishing price is £80 (1-3 clients)

Included in the price is:
  • The boat Hire
  • Professional and experienced guide
  • All tackle and bait

If you wish to fish longer hours the price is £19 per hour

Carp fishing

Carp fishing £140 for 8 hours fishing (1-3 clients)
£70 for 4 hours fishing (1-3 clients)

Included in the price is:
  • The boat Hire
  • Professional and experienced guide

All terminal tackle for carp fishing must be provided by you, we have some terminal tackle for sale if you cannot manage to bring it with you,

Additional carp fishing hours £18 per hours

Pre-baiting of carp swims with maize £8 per day (We recommend a minimum of 3 days pre-baiting for the best results.)

Fishing license

If you don’t have a fishing license, we can obtain these for you in advance of your trip, so when you arrive it’s all ready!

  • 15 days fishing licence is £10
  • Yearly fishing license is £16

If there is not a package above that meets your needs then please feel free to contact us. We are very flexible its your holiday after all.


We had a phone call from our insurers in Spain that deal with our business insurance. It was a brief call and to the point and was being made to all of the catfishing companies that they insure after a bad accident occurred I quote ” do not offer airport pick up to clients either for payment or free of charge, as without a taxi licence you would be invalidating your insurance”. We are very sorry but we no longer offer this service as there is no such thing as a free or paid for legal airport pick up without a taxi licence. Some catfishing companies thought they could legally get round the problem by offering airport pick up free of charge, but this is incorrect the police know this and so do the insurance companies. If you are being picked up in an english registered vehicle check to see if it has a valid tax disc or not. If not it is unlikely to have an MOT or insurance and certainly no taxi licence. Their have been a few cases recently of catfishing companies being stopped by the police and fined for not having a taxi licence and with clients being stranded by the side of the road, not a good way to start your holiday.Their was also a case where an accident occurred, clients were injured and the company had no insurance or taxi licence. If you decide to book with another company please please check that their pick up vehicle is english or spanish legal and that it has a taxi licence. This should be clearly visable both inside and outside the vehicle.